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Is Charlie Sheen Enabling Brooke Mueller?

Brooke Miller traveling with one of Charlie Sheen's sons. Brooke was arrested for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, in Aspen Colorado. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Muller have been in a custody battle for the children, since Sheen filed for divorce from Mueller in February of 2011 (PRPhotos)

It’s classic, really. Those with knowledge of drug and alcohol rehab and recovery recognize it every day, all day long. We see it in the news, on the street, even in casual conversations. Enabling. It’s what lets out of control addicts continue to use and destroy lives.

And now there are reports that Charlie Sheen is enabling Brooke Mueller. We can be pretty sure Charlie wants nothing but successful rehab for the mother of his kids. He’s said so. She doesn’t have Tiger Blood. The way the world works right now, is it better to enable her than to allow her to be sent to prison? What’s a Dad to do?

Enabling. The act of assisting an addict, often unintentionally.

In this case, Brooke Mueller was arrested in a club in Aspen Colorado, for “suspicion of assault and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute”. Charlie reportedly bailed her out, after her parents failed to do so. That’s the enabling part. Mueller is now free on $11,000 bond, and not in detox or rehab as far as reports go.

Charlie Sheen filed divorce proceedings against Mueller last February. He has been public about her drug addiction, her need to clean up for the sake of the kids, and Charlie’s frustration with our social justice system.

That system (us, the press, the authorities) attacked him for his flamboyant celebrity lifestyle, while allowing the mother of his kids to be free & using drugs irresponsibly. Yet she still commanded authority over Sheen via claims made to the police and the press. At least that’s how his explanations came across at his show in Seattle, when he spoke openly against Mueller’s behavior.

Mueller filed more charges against him after that, to get him to stop talking about her in public.

Enabling. If she’s addicted to cocaine and alcohol and her addiction is out of control and destroying her life and hurting the kids, what should be done? If an addict won’t accept help — won’t go through the addiction treatment needed to regain control, then what? If an addict needs help but won’t accept it, and gets into trouble that will eventually lead to imprisonment, then what?

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen have kids. What do we do with them?

Apparently Charlie Sheen thinks there should be something better than sending the mother of his kids to prison with other felons. The cocaine possession with intent to distribute is a felony charge (Aspen Times reported it was nearly 4 grams). So if Charlie bailed her out — now what? Where is that in-between step, if she won’t accept help and drug/alcohol addiction treatment?

According to reports, Mueller has been in and out of rehab and treatment a few times.

An out of control addict is in a downward spiral towards disaster. Often the addict won’t accept treatment until the addict has no other option. As long as she is enabled, Brooke Mueller has other options. What about the kids? Will she lose the kids? Would Charlie Sheen get custody?

Isn’t there a better way to do this?


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