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Buy Xanax Online? Sure.

Xanax, Ritalin, and more openly offered for sale "in bulk" on Topix.com

As more and more restrictions are imposed on prescribing often abused medications like hydrocodone, users are under pressure to find new supply sources.

Obviously the Internet is an option… there are plenty of underground forums and websites where people exchange information about buying and selling. But do we expect to see open drug dealing on mainstream web sites? Yes, we can!

Here is a new forum discussion on Topix.com, a popular all-topic user forum. Under the post “bulk orders on oxy’s, pain killers etc…” we see user named “boricuarage” let everyone know about his other post, entitled “my list of benzos and sleeping aids”. That’s smart marketing. He posts his catalog and then creates new posts with different marketing pitches, and points those at his catalog post. Audience building.

"I sell it all benzos pain killers etc...I will send you cheap prices on all bulk products..300 strips."
- Topix.com forum poster

In his “for sale” post, he provides a menu of available drugs and an email for inquiries. Xanax, Ritalin, Valium, generic diazepam, restoril… available for the asking.

How much,you say? Well… that depends. Email for price. or just do a Yahoo! Answers search for “street price of Xanax”, for example. Price data is widely available and not illegal. It’s the actual selling and buying that should be problematic, and only illegal if done in regulated municipalities (like the US).

Unless we seek to make a deal via email, we don’t know where “boricuarage” is located. We don’t know if she’ll send drugs to use in the States, although in another post she offers Viagra for $6 per pill and will “mail Europe and the US”. We do know that this particular seller doesn’t take PayPal (anymore), but says credit cards are “no problem”. This is like shopping… and probably a lot easier than “doctor shopping” for pills.

A quick Internet search tells us that this is the same “boricuarage” that is said to be located in Germany, and is active in the anabolic steroids/weightlifting forums on other sites. Same email address, too.  That was easy. We even have self-posted photos of him if we want to know our drug dealer better. Seems like a nice guy, right?

"One in five Europeans say they have bought prescription drugs on the Internet without a doctor’s guidance"

I’m not sure how legal it is for someone in Germany to mail drugs to someone in the states, but it’s certainly illegal for a US citizen to mail them, or possess them. I’m sure the sale is “FOB” so your credit card will be charged when the pills are shipped, and if they don’t get through on the US side, well, that’d be your problem, right?

Based in Palo Alto, Calif., Topix LLC is a privately held company with investment from Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI), The McClatchy Company (NYSE: MNI) and Tribune Company.

If they are illegal or draw pressure from the DEA, these kinds of posts will get “cleaned up” since they do present a risk to the hosts (Topix.com in this case). That’s not true for some of the underground web sites that seem to be built specifically for illegal and illicit purposes. Watch for our upcoming article one such underground network. It’s just like street drug dealing but instead of the local street corner, the dealer is on the side of the Internet Superhighway.

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Open dealing in illegal prescription drugs on CA based Topix.com



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