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Mobile Pill Mill Doc had Other Troubles

This is a typical methamphetamine addict's living quarters, from a government file photo. It gets worse than this... much worse.

Investigators following up leads in the David Laffer “Haven Drug Massacre” case in Medford NY (on Long Island) have now arrested a doctor who was allegedly dispensing hydrocodone out of his car. Reports have the 60 year old doctor acting like a milk man, dropping off drugs on porches. We reported on it. Apparently the DEA is investigating Nassau County hydrocodone prescribers, including this doc.

When they visited this doctor’s home, they had the local municipality condemn it.

Cat feces everywhere, a total mess, and dozens of air rifles. Sounds like a meth home, no?

Reminds me of a story an old roommate told me about his ex-roommate. That guy was a meth head, and latched on to the repeated action of shooting a BB gun at the wall (“meth heads”  a.k.a. people addicted to methamphetamine, tend to become fixated on cyclic mechanical processes like bicycle gears, rotors, levers and such. “Latched on”, so  to speak. They can become mesmerized… for hours).  My friend skipped out before the landlord discovered a room that was literally 5 sides BB-riddled crumbling plaster and paperboard. He called it the “sit back and chill” room. Whatever.

We don’t know the story of Dr. Stambler’s troubles yet, except for the reported assignment of “unsuitable for human habitation” by the town of Hempstead, the roping off of the property, and the description of total mess. However this is a clear case of a high-functioning individual “breaking bad” and drowing in the illicit drug world.


  • Pamphlet about meth and meth abuse, from National Crime Prevention Council



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