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More Long Island Oxycodone Trouble

Long Island's Haven Drug Massacre of 2011 continues to produce arrests for the DEA. Another Long Island pain pills doc arrested.

Last summer it was David Laffer robbing Haven Drugs in Medford, NY, on Long island. He killed two employees and two customers on the way to grabbing 8000 hydrocodone pills he wanted to make his “sick” wife happy again.

Laffer got life in prison for his actions (5 consecutive terms, all in solitary confinement), and his wife Melinda Brady got 25 years (which means she will actually get well, because she will most definitely go through oxycodone detox this time).

The DEA has since been following up leads from the Laffer case.

They raided a doctor office  in Great Neck known to be associated with the imprisoned couple’s hydrocodone prescription records.

According to news reports, the DEA raided the offices of Dr. Eric Jacobson of Great Neck, NY. We don’t see any notices indicating that Dr. Jacobson was charged with anything, but there are reports he has stopped taking new patients and won’t be prescribing oxycodone for a while while an investigation continues.

The records show that Jacobson’s patients filled more than 10,500 prescriptions for controlled substances in the first nine months of this year. That total ranks eighth in the state, according to records.

Newsday also reports a response from Dr. Jacobson, who is cooperating with investigators and seems genuinely interested in making sure he follows proper procedures while dispensing at a rate of 13,000+ prescriptions per year out of his pain clinic.

The DEA also arrested another doctor from Baldwin Harbor, on Long Island, who had been allegedly prescribing oxycodone from his “mobile office” (a.k.a. his car). He had been driving around delivering pills like the milk man (seriously… even leaving them on the porch in some cases, for his “patients”). not sure what connection led them to Dr. Stambler.

This long island doctor Stambler, arrested for illegal distribution of oxycodone, apparently needs more of a dual-diagnosis treatment than just prison time. He is the subject of another post in our Breaking Bad section “Mobile Pill Mill Doc had Other Troubles“.



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