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Selling Pain Killers on Yahoo! Answers?

In a down economy, why not make money selling "extra" narcotics on the street?

“Q: Painkillers, how much street value does it have?”

Another Yahoo! Answers question has sparked our curiosity. Yahoo! Answers  is a question and answer forum that allows users to contribute answers. This week, we noticed this question seeking advice about selling “extra” pain killers online.

"Well I have a prescription for Lortabs from my surgery, and I slept the pain off because I have a gag reflex which wont allow me to take pills. So, how much could I sell them for?"
- Yahoo! Answers forum

The poor grammar and spelling make me wonder what kind of person comes to an online forum seeking advice on how to do something that is totally illegal. Do they really think soliciting help online to become a drug dealer is okay? Or are they just really that naive when it comes to the law? Perhaps I’m being too judgmental. Maybe they are still recovering from surgery and are a little “out of it”.

The “drug dealer” went on to explain that (he? she?)  doesn’t normally sell drugs, but if the circumstances arise, why not?

Only one user-submitted answer was marked as “good”. That one answered the question straight up: “That’s illegal”.

Others offered “legitimate” advice to the drug-dealer-in-training. Drawing on their own experience, one person said:

“A lot dude, depending on how much you have. [I] sold some and got $300 in a week. Just make sure you don’t give one person a lot at a time because my friend killed himself on it. Tell the person you’re selling it to how much to take to get high, ya know, for safety.”

Safety? Yes, that is what we should be worried about. Not the fact that this person is trying to illegally sell an extremely powerful and addictive drug. There is a reason that doctors have to prescribe these painkillers to patients.

A “top contributor” to the forums gives the most helpful advice, at least in terms of answering the question at hand. This particular top contributor is “experienced in pain and pain management”, according to the user profile. That profile also shows an 80 percent “best answers” rate, which suggests they speak with authority when they offer advice.  It’s a lively response:

“Well you are the first honest piece of garbage I have met in here. AND that carries a lot of weight as far as I am concerned.”

More detail is provided. Depending on the strength, these particular pills sell for $3.00 to $3.50 a piece on the street. This experienced pain management person seems a little too experienced on the black market side of the pain management clinic industry:

“Look on your bottle. It should have a number somewhere like 10/325. The little number is always the hydrocodone, the big number is always the tylenol in mgs. As you can see, there’s a whole lot of tylenol (or APAP as they abbreviate it) and not so much bang for your buck in it. To top it all off, it is usual customary practice to cut the price $0.25 in quantity of more than 10.”

The adviser wisely councils the newbie drug dealer to look forward to some good alcohol, as a reward for selling the pain killers on the black market:

“Just in case you are in a city where there is a hydrocodone drought, the price would naturally be higher, but don’t get your hopes much higher than a good bottle of Cognac or Stoly. They used to monthly update street drug reports on price, quality, risk incurred in a certain areas, you get the idea.”

After the long how-to, this “best answerer” has second thoughts, and cautions the seller to consider the long term. We don’t want these drugs to become completely illegal, do we? We don’t want to kill this very lucrative black market, so that we won’t have anything to sell, do we?

“You should hang on to those drugs. People like you, looking for the fast easy score are going to make these drugs illegal even in the most legitimate of circumstances. Ten years and they’ll be gone the way Placydyls and Quulaudes have gone, except their replacements work a little, not like these so called next gen narcotics that don’t do a thing.”

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