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Treatment Programs Face Cuts of State & Federal Funding

SAMHSA studied treatment needs on a state by state basis, noting significant differences based on geo location. Map is at SAMHSA link below.

State funding for treatment programs, including detoxification, rehabilitation, and recovery from substance abuse, are not being spared from nationwide budget cuts.

Ohio, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Washington, and Oregon, all face significant funding cuts that have caused and will cause treatment facilities to shut down.

Virginia is one of the only states to enjoy a slight increase in such funding, but that isn’t saying much. In the last three years, Virginia cut over $37.7 million or 8.9 percent from its mental heath care programs.

The Federal government provides a portion of each state’s funding, and the Feds are also cutting funding for treatment programs. New York’s budget, for example, is one-third funded by various federal sources. Even if New York administrators preserve funding levels for substance abuse treatment, the facilities within its borders will still experience losses due to the Federal cuts.

When funding is cut and facilities close down, homeless addicts and alcoholics are left without detox shelters, and long-term recovery programs have to turn away more people. Locally, addiction treatment is on the back burner.

SAMHSA reports dramatic differences in treatment needs on a state by state level. The SAMSHA budget request for 2011 was increased, with a shift of emphasis to short-term grants, block grants, and behavioral health strategies.

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Funding cuts for substance abuse treatments will hurt across the nation.

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