March 30, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Busy Seattle Methadone Clinic earns $4.5M / year

Clever clever clever. A very busy methadone clinic in Seattle exploited a regulatory loophole to gain 2 clinic licenses. Annoyed neighbors say it’s now serving 1,000 addicts per day.

Norman Johnson of First Hill’s Therapeutic Health Services drug treatment facility spoke to Seattle’s KOMO News. The clinic got two licenses for what is really just one business, because it enjoyed a corner location with 2 separate street addresses. Johnson asserts he’s doing a public service by satisfying existing need for more treatment.

According to the KOMO News report, Johnson has 890 methadone patients.  The funding for dispensing methadone comes from the local and federal governments. KOMO math shows this busy clinic is probably getting  nearly $4.5 million per year in public compensation.

Wow. Seattle clinic gets nearly $4.5 million per year to dispense methadone to addicts

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