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A Gum-ball Machine for Pain Meds

Long Island, NY Pill Doc referred to as "Gum-ball Machine for Pain Pills"

The Manhattan narcotics prosecuter told the New York Post that Dr. Stan Xuhui Li of Flushing, New York “dispensed pain meds like a gum-ball machine”. The doctor is credited with 10 overdose deaths, and providing 2,500 Oxycontin (hydrocodone) pills to the man who killed 4 people at a Long Island pharmacy last year. That man robbed the pharmacy to get more Oxycontin pills for his opiate-addict wife.

According to the Post report, one of the 10 deaths attributed to Dr. Li was a Queens, NY patient who overdosed last November. In his final stages of pain killer addiction, he was “literally chewing on the Fentanyl painkiller patches Li provided him”.

Li, who was charged and pled not guilty, can be free if he posts $500,000 bail.

New York Pill Doc dispensed pain pills "like a gum-ball machine"

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