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Texas Judge Adams: Was He a Just Justice?

Texas Judge William Adams has been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation into allegations related to the YouTube video allegedly of him beating his daughter. Reports suggest there has been no admission of guilt; he’s merely suspended pending outcomes. But the whole incident does raise questions about his term as a judge. Was he fair?

One of the primary concerns of any legal system is the public trust in “the Bar”. That trust, the the case of Judge Adams, is being questioned.

Perhaps most of interest — did he preside over any cases that were just like he is alleged to have been? Any child abuse cases, where a judge who doesn’t see anything wrong with an occasional vicious beating might rule “unfairly”? Or perhaps a case involving substance abuse. Did Judge Adams, who was accused of having a secret addiction, rule over any child custody cases involving substance abusing parents?

News reports show one attorney has already filed a complaint. David Sibley represented a case before Judge Adams last year, where a mother sought custody of a child who claimed abuse. The attorney claims Judge Adams acted to discredit the child’s testimony, and “concealed the fact that a primary care giver was homicidal, suicidal, hallucinatory, psychotic, heavily drugged”.

"The big picture is that Judge Adams corrupted the legal proceeding. He did this through fraudulent corrupt orders."
- Attorney David Sibley quoted by KRIS TV of Rockport, Texas

Read the entire complaint via the URL below.



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