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Pill Mill Doc was thinking with his “Little Head”

DEA file photo of agents escorting a doctor arrested during a pill mill bust. It's not Dr. Oster.

Doctor Oster of PalmBeach Gardens, Florida worked at a Florida “pill mill” known as the North Palm Beach Pain Clinic. It was raided earlier this year. He got away from that problem.

Then he got busted on unrelated but oddly similar crime – attempting to trade a pain killer prescription for a “threesome”: sex with 3 women at the same time (who turned out to be 2 undercover  agents and an informant). The doctor has been charged with felony crimes and held on a $1 million dollar bond.

"I let my little head think for my big head," Oster said, according to the Sherrifs report.

Apparently, the going rate for  a threesome in the local Sea Spray Motel  is a prescription for 240 Percocets. That might be a special price for Dr. Oster, or it could just be the going rate for opiate-prescribing docs in Florida. We’re not sure.

We also can’t be sure about the trade. A prescription for 240 percs seems too low for sex with three women at once, no? It’s just a scrip.. the addict still needs to pay for the meds, right?

But since this was actually an undercover sting, it probably wasn’t a routine threesome. Even if it was originally just “sex with one woman in exchange for a prescription for Percocets”, it’s likely the undercover ladies would suggest strongly that they stay in the room with the good doctor and  the one woman who originally traded away her purity for percs. They would do that for personal safety, and to have more witnesses. Pure conjecture, mind you. But we need to understand the 240 percs for 3 women situation.

We took a survey on this over here at JohnsAddiction. We’ve concluded as follows:

Probably, Dr. Oster made a decent trade of something like 100 percs for sex with one woman, which led to the meetup at the hotel. We think they probably then persuaded him to raise it to 200 percs for two girls at the same time (the “4 hands” sort of thing). See where we’re going with this?

I thought it very likely that once they had his “little head” convinced he was about to enjoy a wild time with two women at once, they didn’t have any trouble negotiating up to 240 Percocets for  2 undercover agents and the original hooker. A threesome. Sounds reasonable?

My coworkers noted that the police report actually showed 2 prescriptions were written: one for 150 Percocets, and another for 90. In that case, it’s more likely he negotiated 150 percocets for sex with one woman, and then added 90 Percocets more for the second (reflecting the 4 hands  discount). We’re all convinced the third woman of the threesome was a freebie; she just wanted to stay in the room.

Of course he wouldn’t have known they were agents, right? Boy his Big Head must have been sure disappointed.

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Florida doc "thinking with his little head" caught trading Percocets for sex (undercover sting).


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