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Sex Addiction – “Bad Sex” Now on TV

Plenty of hype for TV sex specialist Christopher Donaghue this month. He has a Dr. Drew inspired show called “Bad Sex” now on LOGO TV. The show sounds like pure gawker material. RadarOnline is hyping Chris and his show, which sounds like reality TV in the sex therapists sessions. According to an interview, Chris himself is amazed at how “really explicit” his patient-therapist conversations are, and how he knows we’ll be “shocked” when we witness them on TV.

"This is the raciest thing I’ve ever seen on TV."
- Christopher Donaghue, about his own TV show (RadarOnline interview)

Some celebrities reported to have sex addiction issues:

  • Anthony Weiner (former State representative)
  • Bill Murray (actor)
  • David Duchovny (actor)
  • Tiger Woods (athlete)
  • Kanye West (performer)
  • Russell Brand (actor)
  • Michael Douglas (actor)
  • Eric Benet (performer)
  • Jesse James (celebrity)








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