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Texas Judge William Adams – Beating Addiction?

Judge William Adams from old Arkansas court website photo, and a more recent Internet horror movie starring his daughter.

The Huh: No, he’s not “beating his addiction” (not yet anyway) but perhaps he has a “beating addiction”? We’re not sure yet.

McAllen Texas Judge William Adams has been vilified this week on the Internet, after his now adult daughter Hillary Adams posted her (7 year old) home made video of Dad & Mom beating her with Dad’s belt. The video is quite graphic, and should give pause to those parents out there who barely spank their kids yet feel guilty about it, as well as those who beat down hard on their disrespectful teens and think it’s ok. Probably some teens will think twice about pissing off their Dads after this as well.

No matter how you view it, the video is rough. It shows one mean sunnuvabitch taking out his rage on a 16 year old girl, purposefully, with full intent to harm, and obviously getting some emotional release out of the venting.  But is he an addict? Is it right to refer to whatever he has as an “addiction”?

So far only one insertion of the word and it came from Mom, who has been talking to the press and earnestly trying to distance herself from Mr. Mean. Yes, the video shows her assisting, and even belting the daughter herself. Yes, the video shows mom “enabling” the raging Dad. But mom’s contrite now, and friends again with Hillary, having been forgiven. Mom’s most likely a victim of domestic abuse as well,  and it was mom who let slip that Dad has “an addiction”, adding that  his addiction is a “family secret”. No mention of what he might be addicted to so far.

Everyone seems to want Dad to get help, but we don’t know if substance abuse is involved, or these references are to the beatings and beating up behavior. Domestic violence is a serious matter, and this clearly is domestic violence. Was it fueled by substance use or abuse? Is there a substance dependence involved? A sitting judge enforcing a strict “domestic judiciary” in his own home is one thing. A sitting judge raging under the influence, outside of his control, is quite another whether it is witnessed at home or in public.

Update: In an interview Hallie Adams clarified her addiction statements, adding more detail of Judge Adams pain killer / opiate addiction. As reported by NBC:

"As a parent, I feel like a failure," Hallie Adams said on an msnbc appearance. She said when she saw the video for the first time this past weekend, she considered taking her own life. She also alleged that her former husband was "severely addicted" to painkillers and opiates.

11/22/2011 – Update: Judge Adams has been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation. In the mean time, others are crying foul about Judge Adams prior rulings in cases of child abuse and drug addiction.


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