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Breaking Bad

NJ Pharmacist Loses License for Internet Pills Scam

New Jersey pharmacist loses license for 5 years after being convicted of knowingly accepting invalid prescriptions over the Internet.
A New Jersey pharmacist operating out of Dunellen has been stripped of his license by the State Board of Pharmacy, after he was convicted of an Internet prescription drugs scheme. Read

Alcohol Delivery Services Thrive in Seattle

Seattle innovates again, this time with alcohol delivery services. Shop on your smartphone, choose your poison, and they'll deliver it to you within 30 minutes. Read

Marijuana Good, Marijuana Bad

Marijuana legalization efforts go far beyond new laws, as vested interests wage a war for attention, and perhaps "normalization" of pot in America.
There's a propaganda war on, with ignorance all around, as we legalize marijuana and try to understand the good and the bad. Read

Palcohol : You’ve. Been. Trolled.

Fox News is just one of hundreds of "news" outlets spreading the "powdered alcohol" deception.
Did you fall for it? "PAlcohol" powdered alcohol? LOL.. you've been trolled. Read

“Mr. Cocaine” Charged in Florida with Xanax Possession

“Mr. Cocaine” Charged in Florida with Xanax Possession
The state? Florida. The charge? Illegal possession of Xanax. The defendant? Mr. Cocaine. Really. Read

Now a New Jersey Heroin Happy Meal?

McHeroin -- Heroin and McDonalds, in the news again.
Yet another arrest at a McDonalds for Heroin, this time in Lakehurst, New Jersey. Read
Treatment & Recovery

Palindrome Week for Fresh Starts

Thsi week is full of palindromes, dates that read correctly forwards AND backwards. Image from
Every day this week is remarkable, for an unusual but interesting reason.... Read

3D Printing Your Own Bong (STL File)

3D Printing Your Own Bong with an STL File
Israeli man prints his own 3D bong, and encourages everyone to do the same. Read

In Tennessee: 33% on Painkillers

One Third of Tennessee Residents use Painkillers.
With one-third of Tennesseans filling prescriptions for painkillers every year, is the noted increase in overdose deaths surprising? Read

Is Liquid Tobacco Deadly? or just Scary?

Is liquid tobacco deadly?
Liquid tobacco is more dangerous than many people know, and can even be deadly if enough touches exposed skin. But most e-juice is NOT "liquid tobacco". Do we need regulation, or education? Read

JohnsAddiction Recap

What's new on
A run down of the recent amazing stories featured on JohnsAddiction (with helpful links!) Read

Aren’t Doritos a Trigger Food?

The local Florida news was all over it: break in at treatment center, clogged toilet and.... Doritos! Read

Zohydro Ban Proposed by Senator Joe Manchin: His Daughter is CEO of Competitor?

Is Senator Manchin's daughter the head of a large pharmaceutical company in his West Virginia district?
Riddle me this: is the Senator proposing a ban on Zohydro also the father of the CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals, the company most at risk if the newly-approved non-generic pain pill goes blockbuster? Yup. Read

Evzio Talking Naloxone Injector Approved

Ever wondered what to do when someone you know is overdosing? Don't worry, this new naloxone injector actually talks you though the process. That's right: it talks. Read

“I HATE MY JOB” – Said the Alcohol, in Shorthand

Transcripts from around 30 NY court cases contain nothing but "I HATE MY JOB" or random text.
A Manhattan court reporter may have jeopardized the verdicts in around 30 court cases when he wrote "I HATE MY JOB" instead of recording the case. His excuse? Alcoholism. Read
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