December 9, 2016  Last Update: February 2, 2016, 8:04 pm

Prescription Drugs

Simple Thinking : Locking Pill Bottles

combination lock on pill bottle
Sometimes people who don't know very much just really, really want to do SOMETHING to help improve things. And they do things. Like making this new law. Read

Guy Gives Cop Fake Name that ALSO had a DUI !

Doh! The fake name he gave the Florida cop turned out to ALSO be suspended for a DUI!
What are the odds that your fake name is also driving with a suspended license after a DUI? In Florida.... Read

Beer Smuggled in Pepsi Cans

One truck caugt muggling 48,000 cans of Heineken beer disguised as Pepsi in Saudi Arabia. How many get through?
Need beer while in Saudi Arabia? You may want to order a Pepsi.... Read

“Staggeringly drunk” Cop gets Award for Catching DUI Drivers

Cop shows up at ceremony too drunk to recieve his prize : an award for enforcing DUI laws!
Maybe it takes one to know one? This DUI enforcement cop was so good at spotting DUI drivers he cited over 100, and was invited to receive a MADD award. He drove himself there, and, well, can you guess the rest? Read
On Campus

University Bans Tinder App

Like United Arab Emirates, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has banned students from using Tinder and similar apps.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has banned students from using computers to make contact with strangers, which naturally means No Tinder For You. Read

Surprise Delivery : 50lbs of Pot

Nearly 50 pounds of pot, estimated to be worth $100,000, was delivered to the wrong address in Hazlet, NJ Read

Drone Drug Delivery Service

Unmanned aerial drones deliverying drugs... and tools, and cash, and a cellphone, over a prison wall. Read
Breaking Bad

NJ Pharmacist Loses License for Internet Pills Scam

New Jersey pharmacist loses license for 5 years after being convicted of knowingly accepting invalid prescriptions over the Internet.
A New Jersey pharmacist operating out of Dunellen has been stripped of his license by the State Board of Pharmacy, after he was convicted of an Internet prescription drugs scheme. Read

Alcohol Delivery Services Thrive in Seattle

Seattle innovates again, this time with alcohol delivery services. Shop on your smartphone, choose your poison, and they'll deliver it to you within 30 minutes. Read

Poppy Seed Noodles? Or Opium…

A new stir fry high out of China : opium added by Noodle shop to improve flavor, and customer loyalty.
Here's salt, pepper, and Sriracha sauce for taste, and some powdered poppy plant to improve customer loyalty. Read

Marijuana Good, Marijuana Bad

Marijuana legalization efforts go far beyond new laws, as vested interests wage a war for attention, and perhaps "normalization" of pot in America.
There's a propaganda war on, with ignorance all around, as we legalize marijuana and try to understand the good and the bad. Read

Palcohol : You’ve. Been. Trolled.

Fox News is just one of hundreds of "news" outlets spreading the "powdered alcohol" deception.
Did you fall for it? "PAlcohol" powdered alcohol? LOL.. you've been trolled. Read

“Mr. Cocaine” Charged in Florida with Xanax Possession

“Mr. Cocaine” Charged in Florida with Xanax Possession
The state? Florida. The charge? Illegal possession of Xanax. The defendant? Mr. Cocaine. Really. Read

Now a New Jersey Heroin Happy Meal?

McHeroin -- Heroin and McDonalds, in the news again.
Yet another arrest at a McDonalds for Heroin, this time in Lakehurst, New Jersey. Read
Treatment & Recovery

Palindrome Week for Fresh Starts

Thsi week is full of palindromes, dates that read correctly forwards AND backwards. Image from
Every day this week is remarkable, for an unusual but interesting reason.... Read
Not an Addict